The Evolution Of The Cloud

thecloudComputers and computing have changed dramatically over the years due to the innovation of new technology. This article looks at the path taken to achieve The Cloud.

Some think that in some form the concept of The Could has been around since the development of the ARPNET, which was in itself a network enabling one computer to talk to another one. Others believe it was really down to an American, John McCarthy who thought that there should be a national computer network, just like the gas and electricity companies, and that was as far back as 1961. In reality, The Cloud network builds on the ideas of both these ideas, and it is only possible now due to the evolution of technology.

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Jumping forward to the 1980s and Grid Computing. This came about as several servers were used to boost processing power. This system broke down huge tasks and it delegated sections of the said task to each of its component servers and they worked simultaneously to… Continue reading

Can You Get Me In The Cloud

cloudWhat’s Cloud Computing and What Does it Have to Do With Me?

Remember those SAT questions: a bat is to a ball as a shoe is to a ____? Well, as much as we hated them, let me use this to explain what cloud computing (or Software as a Service/SAAS) is and how it can change the way you work. Here goes:

Cloud computing is to your office computer as a cell phone is to a land line.

We (okay most of us) remember what is was like to work before cell phones. Running.. running to grab the phone on your desk, running to pick up your voice messages or running to grab a phone at the airport the minute you got off the plane. Cell phones freed us from being tethered to the office. You can work from anywhere, at anytime. And for smart phone users, you have email, calendars & contacts with you at all times. Yes, its ubiquitous, but none of us want to go back.

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Hosting Resources

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Helpful Hints

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What is a cloud?

Pay Per Cloud

For those of you like me who do not know what hosted exchange or private clouds are then this article might help. When I think of clouds I am reminded to look up and see white cotton ball like clouds hung so delicately and yet floating so effortlessly through the sky. If you move to the Midwest and hit Oklahoma the clouds become a bit more treacherous, less appealing and in some cases produce unwanted byproducts such as hail, sleet, lightening and tornedos. I know the actual clouds do not produce these weather phenomena, but bear with me because this article to the chagrin of my friend Paul is not about the weather. I am actually writing about something that I have even less knowledge on, private clouds (

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