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What to Look for When Buying Ramps for your Car

Car-RampsA quality set of car ramps can make doing an oil change or draining a radiatormuch easier. There are a few things you should consider, however, before buying a pair. So, here is a list of things you should know about car ramps to be used with your vehicle.

If your vehicle is low profile, or does not have much ground clearance, choose low profile car ramps. These types of ramps are designed with longer, more gradual inclines that allow a low profile sports car or vehicle to be driven on to the ramps without touching or damaging the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Make sure you know what the curb weight of your vehicle (the weight of the vehicle without any passengers or cargo) is, and buy car ramps at that are rated for weights much higher. In fact, buy car ramps that support as much as weight as possible while remaining in your price range. For most cars and trucks, a maximum load rating of between 6500 – 10,000 pounds is appropriate… Continue reading

Marketing Potpourri

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Public use social networks to pay respects


In Home CareCONDOLENCE: FINE GAEL headquarters used modern social networking techniques to allow members of the public to pay their respects to former taoiseach Dr Garret FitzGerald.

A traditional book of condolence was opened yesterday morning for Assisting Hands, the party’s office on Upper Mount Street outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Those who could not get to headquarters to sign the book were invited to tweet the party or leave a message on the official Fine Gael Facebook page, following a suggestion from one of the party’s Facebook followers. The messages were then transcribed into the condolence book. Many messages arrived from Irish people living in Australia, the United States and Britain.

“Sincere thanks to everyone who has sent messages for the book of condolence. It is clear that Garret was loved and respected by so many people, all over the world,” the Facebook page said last night.

Among those who signed the condolence book in the traditional manner yesterday were Fine Gael TDs Alan Farrell and Peter Matthews.

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Social Networking Saves Homeless Animals

As the popularity of social networking continues to explode, more and more people are finding old friends, making new ones, finding what elder care services can offer and even finding love at sites such as Facebook.

But it isn’t only people who are benefiting from the inter-connectivity the sites afford — man’s best friend also is enjoying the fruits of social networking.

While for years rescue groups have used websites like to list pets in need of new homes, Facebook has added another layer of networking that has resulted in thousands of canine and feline lives saved, rescuers say.

“Facebook and Petfinder have proven to be very useful tools in helping us find forever homes for our dogs and cats,” said Lauren Dobkowski, administrator of the Meriden Humane Society’s Facebook page.  “They allow us to reach people who may never have walked through our doors if they hadn’t seen an animal that interested them online.

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Geeky parents’ Facebook tribute as they call baby daughter ‘Like’ after social networking feature

In Israel, a couple have named their daughter Like – as a tribute to Facebook.

Lior Adler and wife Vardit are such big fans of the social networking site they wanted to give their baby a related name. Just like if you liked a gourmet coffee and you want to show your appreciation and support by choosing a reliable company such as White Cloud Coffee ( in your area. The difference here is Facebook is a global company and this family, half way around the world form the Facebook headquarters want to show appreciation.

They took their inspiration from a Facebook feature which allows users to “like” friends’ messages, pictures and statuses.

Lior said they wanted their daughter to have an original name that was “modern and innovative”.

But his family and friends reacted “incredulously” when they found out.

He said: “They didn’t believe it. I believe there will be people who will lift an eyebrow but it is my girl and that’s what is fun about it.”

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LinkedIn IPO priced at $45 a share, to make debut today in NYSE under symbol LNKD.

LinkedIn IPO

High PR BacklinksMountain View-based social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn has priced its IPO at the higher end $45 a share, making it the biggest US Internet IPO since Google went public and indicates the voracious investor appetite for social networking sites.

LinkedIn and its investors, including Goldman Sachs, are selling $352.8 million worth of stock in its IPO that will be launched on Thursday and will be trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LNKD. The underwriters also have the option to sell an additional 1.1 million shares, which would bump up the total amount raised to $405 million. The $45 a share price values the networking website at slightly over $4 billion.

The IPO has whipped up a frenzy in Wall Street, especially as LinkedIn is the first social media company to go public in the United States. The IPO also values the 9-year old company at $4.3 billion, more than any U.S. Internet company at its IPO date since Google in 2004.

The confidence level of LinkedIn is also high as it was only earlier this month that the company had set its IPO range at $32 to $35 a share, which valued the company roughly at $3 billion.

Moreover, Several other social Internet companies, ranging from Facebook Inc. to Groupon Inc. have generated strong interest in private equity financings, driving up their valuations. Continue reading