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VaultScape: Recovering from a Disaster

Whether automatically on a schedule, or whenever we’ve finished something important, most of us backup our files incrementally, but that’s still not enough to be ready to recover from a disaster. If your home or office is hit by a fire, theft, or catastrophic natural disaster, only an offsite, online backup will make sure your data is truly secure, but even then you’re not truly prepared for the worst case scenario.

Backing up files is one thing, but having a complete backup of an operating system, applications, and all applications data, which is known in the industry as a “bare metal” backup and restore, is the best way to ensure that your system(s) can be up and running after a catastrophic loss. Performing a bare metal backup requires at least as much space on your backup device as is available on your system hard drive, and generally also a hardware system, which is a fairly close copy of the original, to restore to.

Because you never know when or how disaster will strike, it’s smart for today’s home user or system administrator to look to cloud backup systems, and disaster recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) models for protecting their irreplaceable data. A cloud backup will ensure that, whether you’re recovering your system in a building across town or across the state, you’ll be ready to restore as soon as you’ve got your new hardware online.

DRaaS providers such as VaultScape can make this process painless whether you’re protecting your home computer or your company’s servers. VaultScape offers cloud backup service over a secure connection to make sure that your private data not only stays safe, it also stays private. With easy to install, plug-and-play software that is compatible with the most popular software platforms, VaultScape will work with just about any system you need to protect with a minimum amount of headaches. For when those headaches do come up, they offer 24×7 phone support to help you get your system up and running again.

Whether you’re looking to perform a regular incremental backup of your files, or a full on bare metal backup of your company’s main file server, VaultScape has a storage plan for both workstations and servers that is bound to meet your online backup needs. If you’ve never thought of using a cloud backup, or DRaaS, you owe it to yourself to find out how easy it can be, and how much peace of mind it will give you; VaultScape offers a free 2 GB plan so you can try their service and their software risk free.

No one likes to think about the worst case scenario, but spending a little time and effort preparing to recover from a disaster before it strikes will make confronting the recovery so much easier. By using a cloud backup service like VaultScape, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is making sure your new hardware is ready to go.