Eating Healthy While At A Restaurant

healthy17 Ways to Eat Healthy While Eating Out.

Many lifestyles require frequent dining out. Salespeople, for example, are frequently on the road and can’t always eat a healthy home cooked meal. Studies suggest that Americans spend half of their weekly food budget at restaurants. When eating out (or bringing home take out), it is important to keep two things in mind. First, most items on restaurant menus are high in calories. Second, restaurants tend to serve their meals in huge portions.

If you eat out frequently because of your lifestyle, there are a number of ways you can make better menu choices and maintain a healthy diet.

Fast Food Restaurants
It is always a good idea to avoid fast-food restaurants. This is easier said than done. Fast-food restaurants are everywhere. They tend to be cheap and convenient. And the food is tasty. Bad for you, but tasty. Fast food places generally serve high calorie foods with poor nutritional value.

If you have no choice and have to eat at a fast-food restaurant, choose the smallest portion sizes possible. Look for the healthiest menu options. It is easier to find a few healthier options now than it was ten years ago.

Here are four tips for eating healthier at fast food restaurants:

1. Choose sandwiches over burgers: In general, sandwich places are better than hamburger places. Sandwich places usually have lean meats such as tuna. You can also top your sandwiches with tomatoes and other vegetables. Skip dressings since they are usually high in bad fats.

2. Skip the fries: When asked if you want fries with your order, just say no. Choose a side salad or fruit instead. Even better, skip the side dish completely.

3. Drink juice: Soda is filled with unhealthy sugars. Drink apple or orange juice instead.

4. Make friends with salad: Skip the burgers and sandwiches completely. Order a large salad instead. Keep in mind that not all salads found at fast-food restaurants are good for you. Salads topped with chicken strips or taco meat tend to be high in both fat and calories. Stick with salads that only have vegetables and/or fruit. If there is meat, look for low-fat, grilled meats.

Sit-down Restaurants
Sit-down restaurants usually have a larger choice of healthy options on the menu. Unfortunately, the larger menus also have more unhealthy choices to tempt you. Avoid this temptation and choose your food wisely.

Here are seven tips for eating healthy at sit-down restaurants:

1. Salads: Most restaurants offer a number of different salads. Look for salads with healthy vegetables and fruits. Take advantage of a salad bar by loading up on lots of good food.

2. Vegetable of the day: Many restaurants offer a vegetable of the day. You will find it delicious.

3. Soup!: Try the soup of the day. Soups with lots of vegetables are good for you and filling.

4. Avoid fatty meats: Instead of fatty red meat, order fish. Avoid deep fried fish and stick with baked or broiled fish. Salmon, tuna, and trout are particularly good for you.

5. Go vegetarian: Most restaurants clearly identify their vegetarian menu choices. Strongly consider one of these dishes.

6. Skip dessert: Always pass on the dessert menus. If you are still hungry, ask for fruit.

7. Smaller portions: Most restaurants serve overly large portions of food, making it far too easy to overeat. When you order your food, immediately ask for a take home container. When the food arrives, put half of it in the container to take home and eat for lunch the next day.

Parties are usually filled with high-calorie temptations, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many people gain weight during the holiday season because of parties.

Here are six tips for eating healthy at parties:

1. Skip the sugary treats: Avoid sweets with a lot of calories.

2. Fill up before the party: Before you leave for the party, eat a high-fiber snack to fill you up. An apple, orange or nuts will prevent you from overeating later.

3. Keep away from the buffet table: Find a comfortable spot to hang out and talk with friends far away from the snack table.

4. Make healthy choices: Keep your eye out for vegetables and fruit. Carrot sticks and celery are common at many events.

5. Don’t have seconds: At parties with a sit-down party, resist the urge to have second helpings no matter how good it tastes. Fill up on healthy vegetables instead.

6. Bring your own healthy snacks: Even if the party is not a potluck, bring a tray of healthy treats like nuts or vegetables.

By following these tips, you can eat healthy no matter your lifestyle.

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