Finding An Inexpensive Unified Communication Solution

sipWhat Is Avaya Unified Communications?

Unified communications makes your business more productive and responsive, reducing the time taken to reach important decisions. Avaya unified communications integrates all of your essential office communications tools to give access to data and voice wherever you are in the world.

Avaya unified comms caters to modern day working needs by bridging gaps between people, locations and technology, improving collaboration, customer service and competitiveness. Avaya products have been used across small and medium businesses for many years, as well as several of those organisations in the Fortune 500.

Who can benefit from Avaya Unified Communications?

Imagine being able to reply directly to an email with your voice- or answer your deskphone from your car? Avaya UC means that wherever you are in the world, when you communicate to a colleague, supplier, vendor or customer, you have the same access to consistent interfaces and corporate resources as if you were in the office.

Avaya unified communications can significantly improve businesses dealing with a range of needs, including those with:

• Branch Offices: companies with multiple locations can streamline communications with a familiar key system interface, centralising dispersed components into a single platform.
• Office Roamers: personnel moving around the office or between office locations can benefit from IP phones, accessing voice and data from wherever there is an internet connection.
• Remote Workers: Avaya gives teleworkers a set of tools that mimic the office environment so your staff can work from any location via their preferred device.
• Response and Recovery needs: UC often entails instant recovery, with Avaya you have a suite of tools available in times of disaster to help minimise the impacts of disruptive events
• Office Workers: using a simple desktop interface, staff are able to better reach colleagues, clients, vendors and partners across the room or at different sites across any device.

Or those seeking effective Mobile Collaboration: if you have workers who are constantly on the move, with Avaya unified communications you can integrate a range of tablets and smartphones to increase productivity away from the office.

The Solutions

• Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP office is a unified communications solution that allows midsized enterprises to scale up and down between five and 1,000 users at a single site, across 32 locations. The solution is easily customised to meet growing businesses – you can add on and take off any tools you wish to try or replace – from basic voice and telephony to the most sophisticated software apps. Avaya IP offers flexibility and easy communication between office workers, mobile workers, receptionists and teleworkers.

Although IP based, IP office can interoperate with digital, analogue or SIP combinations worldwide, the platform combines all the office necessities with comprehensive but easy management, data networking and security options, all for an affordable cost. IP Office was awarded Unified Communications Product of the Year in 2011 from both TMC and Frost & Sullivan.

• Avaya One-X Communicator

The Avaya One-X Communicator combines voice, HD video, IM, audio conferencing, voicemail and fax messaging together in one simple software package. The solution encourages better management of tasks from employees as colleagues become more responsive and accessible regardless of location.

One-X communicator also combines contacts and presence information to tell you who is available and via which device, the interface gives you an option of starting a conversation with the contact via IM, email, voice call or video call – helping your team get the right information at the right time.

As adoption and deployment of all Avaya unified communications systems is so easy, most establishments do not need an IT team to support or install any hardware. It is built with the end user in mind so reduces system costs and company overheads.

• Avaya One-X Mobile

Lower expenses and maintain business consistency over a range of devices, all through one consolidated server. With Avaya One-X Mobile all employees have real time access to office communications including voice mail, presence information and contacts across a wide selection of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

More business is being carried out on the go – so it makes sense to drive down costs of roaming employees. With One-X Mobile businesses can extend communications to other locations keeping staff accessible at all times, your customers will not know any different as employees can connect to the office PBX via their mobile for one number inbound and outbound calling.

Mobile workers, sales people and executives no longer need to provide multiple numbers as One-X Mobile makes them easier to contact.

• Avaya Aura

A communications platform for contact centres or midsize to large enterprises, Avaya Aura is a SIP based UC solution that simplifies complex networks and lowers infrastructure costs. As with all UC solutions, employees across endless locations can be connected seamlessly regarding the networks they operate from. Avaya Aura enables faster and easier deployment of communications capabilities such as voice, video, messaging, and presence.

The virtual platform can be completely built to specification to support various needs, Branch, Standard, and Enterprise Editions offer simple per-user licensing. The IP telephony platform can be deployed as an IP PBX, a feature server supporting a SIP only environment or a hybrid server supporting SIP and none-SIP environments. The extended Communication Manager provides 700+ PBX features, high reliability and scalability.

Avaya Unified Communications solutions

The wide range of Avaya solutions makes it difficult to sum up in one article, but all platforms can be matched and specified to individual business needs. Per mentioned solution there are options and add-ons for small, mid-sized or large enterprises. As a complex subject for many, it is recommended that many businesses speak to an independent and unbiased consultative company that will be able to make a compatible match regardless of platform or brand.

For more information on UC, contact reputable Avaya unified communications provider, Elite Telecom.

This article was written by Nick Mannion, Commercial Director of Elite Telecom, UK Unified Communications Provider.

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