Geeky parents’ Facebook tribute as they call baby daughter ‘Like’ after social networking feature

In Israel, a couple have named their daughter Like – as a tribute to Facebook.

Lior Adler and wife Vardit are such big fans of the social networking site they wanted to give their baby a related name. Just like if you liked a gourmet coffee and you want to show your appreciation and support by choosing a reliable company such as White Cloud Coffee ( in your area. The difference here is Facebook is a global company and this family, half way around the world form the Facebook headquarters want to show appreciation.

They took their inspiration from a Facebook feature which allows users to “like” friends’ messages, pictures and statuses.

Lior said they wanted their daughter to have an original name that was “modern and innovative”.

But his family and friends reacted “incredulously” when they found out.

He said: “They didn’t believe it. I believe there will be people who will lift an eyebrow but it is my girl and that’s what is fun about it.”

However, he insisted he has since received “congratulations from all over the world”.

Like will not be the only member of her family with a strange name.

In honour of their fondness for cooking, the Adlers – who live near Tel Aviv – called a daughter Pie and another Dvash, Hebrew for honey.

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