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In a Private Cloud

Businesses have been rushing to cloud computing services in recent years, and rightly so. Cloud services enable today’s business to enjoy the benefits of having a fully fledged IT department without having to cover the investment in IT infrastructure and staffing. While migrating to a cloud host does raise some service and security concerns, most of those can be answered by using a private cloud host to manage IT services. Whether you’re an IT manager looking to provide your company with the services and security larger companies enjoy, or a small business owner who doesn’t have time to manage IT services, private cloud hosting will give you the features you’re looking for, along with the security and support you need.

The chief advantage of any cloud service is moving your IT infrastructure to an environment where it can be managed by a staff of professionals who have the experience and expertise to manage and protect your data, and despite a plethora of options for free cloud services, you really do get what you pay for. A private cloud host will be able to provide you with the service and support that you require. Companies like Pay Per Cloud can manage your email, database, or other server migration in a way tailored to the needs of your customers and staff. Rather than having to rely on a one sized fits all approach, Pay Per Cloud will work closely with you to make sure your application data and settings are seamlessly migrated by certified technicians to their private cloud environment.

With Pay Per Cloud’s private cloud environment, you’ll get a 100% uptime guarantee, a world class data center that is constantly patched, maintained, and backed up to protect your data, and, of course, 24×7 technical support. You’ll also get unlimited domains, instant reboot access, and root access via SSH and RDP, so you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having your computing services in-house, without any of the worry.

Business leaders and IT managers who approach the cloud with cautious optimism are doing a service to their customers and employees, but private cloud hosts like Pay Per Cloud can answer most, if not all, of their technical concerns. If you’re interested in learning more, give their sales team a call 877-692-5683, and they’ll help you decide what private cloud hosting options are right for you.