The Art of Recruiting Sales Personnel

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Just out of college and in my first job I read a book. Reading the book is not the big news, however, the focus of the book is, “Keep the main thing, the main thing”. For some it is hard to focus on one area of their business—the parts they are really good at and let others step up and fill in the gaps. A really good leader will allow for those who have the skill set to step up and take over those areas that are lacking the proper attention. In particular, recruiting the sales team is a make or break part of any business and also is an area I think always has room for improvement. One really effective thing management can do here is convey the mission of the company and the goals at that given time. Taking the time to analyze each applicant and profiling them would take away from other duties they could be focusing on.

One might think the HR department should be able to accomplish the task of sales recruiting, but in all fairness why not let a firm specializing in hiring sales personnel, as well as employee retention, deal with all of that? Investing in the right candidate is no different than choosing the right stock or commodity to build up your retirement fund. You are looking for the best return on your investment (ROI) and you want to make sure you do not make a rash, quick decision. It is these quick decisions that can lead to a sales representative that does not work out. I am not saying they will all work out, but the probability is definitely higher with those who do not fit the mold, which in turn will affect your ROI.

Let those with experience weed out those applicants who are fishing for a job and not necessarily looking to help your company succeed. I highly recommend for all those looking to recruit sales talent to check out because they bring science and precision to your sales recruiting, sales hiring, people management, organizational development, and employee retention process.

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