What is a cloud?

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For those of you like me who do not know what hosted exchange or private clouds are then this article might help. When I think of clouds I am reminded to look up and see white cotton ball like clouds hung so delicately and yet floating so effortlessly through the sky. If you move to the Midwest and hit Oklahoma the clouds become a bit more treacherous, less appealing and in some cases produce unwanted byproducts such as hail, sleet, lightening and tornedos. I know the actual clouds do not produce these weather phenomena, but bear with me because this article to the chagrin of my friend Paul is not about the weather. I am actually writing about something that I have even less knowledge on, private clouds (http://www.paypercloud.com/private-cloud-hosting.aspx).

This is not a conspiracy by the United States as a whole or any of those that comprise this great democratic union to raise funds by selling clouds to help in this down economy. I am actually referring to private clouds that Cloud Hosting companies such as PayPerCloud are offering as an IT solution to help free up resources as well as minimizing your IT infrastructure costs. Still not convinced? Well how about I tell you that everybody is doing it? Not giving into to peer pressure? I guess I will have to use straight logic then.

Cloud hosting infrastructure and Cloud Enabled Software Applications a PayPerCloud.com allows for enterprise level infrastructure and stability without the enterprise level costs. Solutions are delivered and backed up with expert level technical support. Cloud hosting companies, such as PayPerCloud offer: Dedicated Private Clouds, Dedicated and Managed Infrastructure Services, Hosted Exchange, PayPerApps, and Consulting and Migration services.

Go to http://www.paypercloud.com/hosted-microsoft-exchange-server.aspx if you are interested in not just saving money on your IT costs, but also moving into the more efficient and friendly IT environment the check on of the best exchange hosting companies around and switch over to your own private cloud today.

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  • Colonel Mustard says:

    My idea of this cloud is when I used webhost as a service, blog as a service from another, social network as service from another – combining them would be called cloud computing. Someone ask me about it, asking “What is Cloud?” and I explained to them, they don’t get it.